These days – smog in north India and ₹ 500 & ₹1000 notes discontinuation

2 major happenings this week that had all of India talking and pin pointing, getting philosophical. First being the smog that covered almost entire north India and then the (second) surgical strike by Mr. Modi discontinuation of 500 and 1000 rupees notes.


Smog in North India

By the way it was not just north India, the similar situation was experienced in Pakistan and some part so f China as well. So, STOP blaming just Diwali for it. Though bursting of crackers is certainly not good and I personally don’t do it and in fact have been successful in implementing the cracker ban within house and with 2 other friends. Also, I really loved a forward message that I read somewhere on facebook or whatsapp. Bursting crackers is certainly not in anyways linked to celebrating Diwali. Remember there were no crackers when Ram finally returned to Ayodhya with Laxman and Sita after the Vanvasa of 13 years. The major cause of the pollution at the of the year is the residual crop waste that the farmers burn in open. After harvesting the crops the farmer are left with huge piles of residual waste that is good for nothing and take up the fields space unnecessarily. There is no environment friendly way to dispose this of. The most easy and almost free way adopted by almost all farmers is burn it.


₹500 and ₹1000 Rest in Peace

Bye bye! Some of the shared or must I say over shared jokes on social media

Gandhiji just changed his DP

Badi mushkil se sasural walon ne 500 ka note dena shuru kiya that. Ab phir se wahi 100 k note mila karega (after so many years the in-laws have started gifting me 500 ruppes now they too have a legitimate excuse to give only 100 rupee. Sorry could not find a better word for shagun :))

APn paisa to aaj paisa hi nahi lag raha (literal english translation: my own money doesn’t feel money)

These days – smog in north India and ₹ 500 & ₹1000 notes discontinuation

In Hyderabad after 22 years

Jobs and many job related travels at times can be a pain but when I was told I have to visit Hyderabad office for a IT setup I was nothing but excited. Not only because the task assigned was something I looked forward to (aren’t we all like that we never like whatever task is assigned to us, me no exception) but because here was my change to re-visit the city (technically the other twin, Secundrabad) and meet a school time buddy, visit my (not really ours but an Army Officers accommodation allotted to my father) old house, my school Kendriya Vidyala Picket and relive those childhood memories.

Around 4 years back my best friend ‘found’ me online and called me. I was super excited speaking to him. He kept saying do visit Hyderabad sometime and after a detailed chat on family members, jobs, ex-girlfriends, etc. etc. we hung up (the call lasted around 1 h 20 m). After that we kept in touch every now and then we could speak over the phone or on WhatsApp.

In Hyderabad after 22 years

Would Kejriwal be given a second chance

With all the increased in the number of Radio ads there seems something that this Kejri boy is up to. One thing is for sure either you hate him or you love him but at this point of time you just cannot ignore him. And I suppose this open discussion is something that will surely prove beneficial for him. All said about his success in the elections, and the final good bye. He seems honest but an immature politician. On the other hand is Modi/BJP, who other wise seems perfect just a few idiots (from Modi camp) unnecessarily trying to play the Hindutava card and in the effort are stupidly insulting or getting into the war of words with Muslims. This is some sort of a serious issue which if not handled now can bring disaster to the party. The people of Delhi now have two equally appealing options. Either to give more time to Modi and BJP or they can try Kejriwal. In both the cases there seems to be a positive outcome. So now its entirely up to the voters on whom they bet their future with.

Would Kejriwal be given a second chance

Keep hiding things for a better (and safe) tomorrow

We all hide things. From our parents, wife, kids, friends, girlfriends. Here’s a random list of things that we tend to hide from people. Everyone has hidden some (or a few super humans would have all) from some one or some things from all.

1. We hide out surprise test results from our parents. This extends to you hiding your school grades all your life (specially from your kids) if you happen to be a average or below average student. Academic scores are still the most sought after quality in your heroes.

2. We are till in touch with our ex. Shhh… don’t tell anyone in the family.

3. India special: Avoid expressing (fondly called PDA) love to your spouses in front of your kids.

4. Hide your cash transactions from tax authorities and all intakes.

5. Hide you tears while watching a emotional scene on TV.

6. Don’t over express your love to your mother / wife in front of your wife / mother.

7. Hide your drinking / smoking habit from (a few) relatives. Most of our friends, relatives, colleagues know about this but yes we all have a few relative from whom its best to hide your ‘evil’ habits like smoking, drinking, non-vegetarian status.

8. Hide your farts. Cheee… that was gross. But as a general mannerism all have to. Though kids find it funny and they would never hide it.

9. Hide your failures in you annual review at office.

10. Hide your married status 😉 while creating certain social media profiles. Yes, people do it. Specially hike, Shaadi (YES SHAADI). Most of them do it for fun than anything else. Beware, there are certain criminals also who do it for trapping people.

Keep hiding things for a better (and safe) tomorrow


A stupid movie. A Must avoid. I had big expectation from Amir Khan and team. Also, strangely people were talking big for it. Everyone seamed to like it.



A must watch.

One time Must watch. I laughed like anything in the first half and the sequence where Anushka calls Pakistan bought tears to me eyes.

Were some of the reviews. Finally I went to the movie all excited and hoping to add another movie to my all time favorite Amir movie after Jo Jeeta Wohi SIkander, 3 Idiots. But to my surprise it wasn’t even an average movie. In fact during the first half I felt sleepy and by the time the movie was in it’s last 10 minuted I was continuously repenting my choice of movie that day. I was almost feeling like shouting “Amir Khan I want my money back!!!”. The movie seemed stale with old stupid, yuck jokes. No energy. A complete disaster. No message. Yes, people say it’s on similar lines as OMG and gives out the same message in a much simpler way. I completely disagree. At least OMG, was clear on what they needed to show. Here, it’s like a bunch of sequences and stories badly stitched together.

My suggestion to people planning to watch the movie – AVOID.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year – All I can say is that it is neither a good movie nor a bad one. To be frank, I started watching the movie with the perception that like all other shitty ones from Farah Khan this too would be a no brainier with some stupid jokes. But am pleasantly surprised with the movie, overall. Being a true Hindi movie fan, I like most of the films (YES I DO). This one was no different. I must say it’s neither so bad that people are putting in all sorts of reviews online and otherwise. Also, to add here Jaya Bachchan herself has called this a nonsensical movie. Though I must add here that yes, Abhishek’s part certainly had some nonsensical acting and dialogues and his signature gestures. The guy tries too hard to be funny but sorry fails. Though totally out of context but just reminded me of a joke/quote I read on Facebook the other day. Abhishek second to Amir in Dhoom, Abhishek second to SRK in HNY and Abhishek second to Salman in Aishwarya.


Coming back to the movie, yes its not a masterpiece or complete dump but a nice one time watch. Like the other 25 reviews I have read… the movie is slow in first half. The climax was sort of confusing, simple because when they had a fool proof plan and there was nothing that could get them caught and that blaming Jackie Shroff exactly was the idea behind the robbery, then why were they so reluctant in coming back and performing. SRK’s first sorry to Deepika was nice. Would have been better if they had given Vivaan a few more lines and some screen exposure, he had no story. Sonu’s deafness could have been used in a better way or completely avoided, I don’t see any reason to make him deaf. Deepika almost fitted the desi girl avatar. Boman was good.

Overall a good one time watch specially if you are a SRK or Deepika or both’s fan.

Happy New Year